Sensory Quality Assurance

As part of the quality assurance procedures in the food industry, we are committed to providing consumers with consistent and high-quality products, at the sensory level as well, so that the product that arrives at the consumer’s table fits its taste definitions and its given shelf life, and has consistent taste and flavor in all production batches. For that, sensory quality assurance procedures and methods should be applied at several stages: accepting and approving raw materials, approving production line products (during production, at the end of the production, and after production), approving the product’s shelf life, and managing consumers’ complaints regarding the sensory qualities of the product. Sensory assurance procedures deal with identifying and applying the right tasting methodologies:
  • Who tastes the product? When? Where? How? How much? Versus what other product?
  • The questions that should be referred to when examining the tasted product – Is the product identical or different? Is the product up to standard or not? Is the product in the acceptable range? Or is the product tasty?
  • Studying consumers’ complaints that refer to sensory qualities of the product.